Community opinion on proposed renovations to Worcester Norton Sports Club

Worcester Norton Sports Club need your opinion.

This information and survey has been published on behalf of Worcester Norton Sports Club.

As you may already be aware, Worcester Norton Sports Club are hoping to make significant improvements to the clubhouse and facilities at the grounds.

It is hoped that phase 1 will being in September 2021, with the complete renovation of the existing clubhouse and the removal of the current dilapidated changing rooms and score box.  The clubhouse is the original Sergeants Mess and therefore an important part of our local history.
Phase 2, will be undertaken within 5 years and, is hoped, will involve the building of new changing rooms, score box and sports hall.
Please complete this questionnaire to help the club understand the wishes/needs of the local residents.
Click here to complete the survey:  Sports Club Survey
Please complete by midnight on 23rd October 2020 in order for your comments to be considered.

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