Broomhall Grange (Norton Road) – Planning appeal dismissed.

You may remember that a planning application was made to build 27 affordable homes at Broomhall Grange, Norton Road, on a site between the Little Treasures nursery and the Crookbarrow Road roundabout. This application was strongly opposed by your Parish Council (as it was by Kempsey Parish Council), on the grounds that it encroached on the green buffer area proposed in SWDP 45/1, which sits between the new developments taking place on Taylors Lane and Brockhill Village/Regiment Close. The application was refused by Malvern Hills District Council.  The builder appealed this decision on the grounds that the national need for affordable housing outweighed this interpretation of the SWDP policy.

We are delighted to inform you that the central government Planning Inspectorate has dismissed the appeal in a judgement following a hearing held on the 12th May. This appeal hearing was attended by your Parish Council, with the case for refusal led by Kempsey Parish Council, in whose area the site actually falls, and the Malvern Hills District Council planning department (our sincere thanks to them).

You can read the full decision notice here:

Broomhall Grange Planning Appeal

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