Broomhall Way Footbridge – Construction Start

Information received by the Parish Council from Worcestershire County Council.

WCC are pleased to confirm that our contractor, Alun Griffiths, is about to start the construction phase of the Broomhall Way Footbridge. As you are aware we have been asked to reduce the impact of flooding in the park and to ensure that the paths are passable in a “1 in 30 year” flood event (plus additional capacity to allow for climate change). This does mean that the works are considerably more extensive and will take longer than had we simply installed the bridge and ramps. The works will start on Monday 13th July and are scheduled to be completed next Spring. Please note that the park, including the football pitch, will be reinstated as part of the project and there will be a planting scheme to compensate for the vegetation already removed.

During the works it will be necessary to close most of the park north of the path that emerges from the end of Cranesbill Drive, including the cyclepath running along the southern (Broomhall Way) boundary of the park, An alternative route via Old Norton Road, the northwest boundary of the park and Cranesbill Drive will be signposted.  The extent of the site boundary may be reduced if it is safe and efficient to do so at any point in the programme. The broad sequencing of the work is as follows: commence in mid-July on the southern side of Broomhall Way, establish the site boundary and create a works access off Broomhall Way during August, work on flood alleviation, footways, ramps, piling and installation of the main span from late Summer until Xmas, complete bridge detail, surfacing, flood alleviation and planting between New Year and Spring. Aspects of sequencing may change eg due to weather conditions.
The main site compound will be located on the south side of the Broomhall Way but a smaller facility will be required on the north side. The contractor will locate this area as far from residences as possible. The majority of access to the work site in the park will be made off Broomhall Way.
All work will be carried out in accordance with the Highway Sector’s Site Operating Procedures with regard to the control of COVID-19 and the majority of works will take place during normal working hours, however, a weekend road closure will be required to install the main span which may entail some overnight working. We will write to you again nearer the time to confirm details. In the meantime should you have any queries relating to the works please You can find out more information about the project on the County Council’s website .
We will be letter-dropping immediate neighbours in the next 48 hours.
Andy Maginnis
Programme and Commissioning Manager
Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure
Worcestershire County Council
County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester, WR5 2NP

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