Changes to Station Walking Route (ATC – Active Travel Corridor)

Have you noticed the walking person symbol has been covered over?

Following the alteration of signs on the route from St Peters to the Parkway Station.

Here below is the content of a letter sent by the Parish Council to Worcestershire County Council and their reply.

Parish Council Letter to WCC

Dear Cllr Pollock,

Norton Active Travel Corridor (ATC)

It is with a sense of satisfaction that I write on behalf of the Parish Council to express our support for your amendment of the Active Travel Corridor (ATC) signage to remove all reference to a walking route to Parkway Station.  Our only disappointment is that it could have been done more collaboratively, with the Parish Council communicating your intent to the parishioners in a positive manner had we been informed.  It is hoped that the ongoing correspondence with Mr. Hewitt (the occupant of 2 Oak Cottage, the house closest to the Crookbarrow Way footbridge in Brockhill Lane), which contains several worthwhile points that the Parish Council supports, can be resolved in a similarly pragmatic way, with the Parish Council being kept informed.

Finally, with the recent announcement that the Government has granted £250M to local authorities to encourage more cycling and walking, it is hoped that some of the Worcestershire County Council (WCC) share might be spent on realizing the full benefits of the recently completed capital projects (A4440 dualling, Parkway Station), by completing the ATC linking them to a standard allowing it to be once more recommended as fit for pedestrian access to Parkway Station.

Yours sincerely,


Kevin Fincher, Chairman, Norton-juxta-Kempsey Parish Council

Cllr Ken Pollock, Cabinet Member for Economy and Infrastructure, Worcestershire County Council

Sent by email to:

Cllr Rob Adams, County Councillor, Worcestershire County Council

Sent by email to:

Nigel Huddleston MP, Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire

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Also informed:

Strategic Commissioner – Major Projects, Worcestershire County Council

Director of Economy and Infrastructure, Worcestershire County Council

Programme and Commissioning Manager, Worcestershire County Council


Dear Mrs Greenway,
Many thanks for your email and please pass my thanks on to the PC chairman for his letter.
We will keep the matter of pedestrian access to Parkway under review and hope to be able to improve access and safety at some time in the future.
Best regards,
Ken Pollock

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