Installation of Broomhall Way Footbridge main span

Weather permitting, Griffiths will be installing the main span of the Broomhall Way Footbridge between 9pm on Friday 4th and 5am on Monday 7th
December. The operation will require a full closure of Broomhall Way in both directions between the Ketch and Norton Roundabouts and will involve overnight work. Griffiths will do their best to minimise the impact on residents in terms of the location of plant and equipment and all work will be carried out in accordance with Worcestershire Regulatory Services’ guidance but unfortunately some noise is inevitable. Temporary floodlighting will be required to illuminate the working area although Griffiths will ensure that lighting is directed away from adjacent housing. A diversion will be signposted via London Road/Sidbury/Bath Road.
Should any external factors compromise the planned works, Griffiths have a contingency road closure booked for the following weekend.
We did try to accelerate the programme so that the bridge lift and road closure took place during the current lockdown, however, despite everyone’s best efforts, this just wasn’t possible.
Please note that although the installation of the main span is a major milestone, the bridge is not due to open until late spring next year.
We will be delivering letters to nearby residents and displaying advanced notice signage for motorists on site on Monday next week. I will send a similar email to members of the SLR4 Community Liaison Group shortly as most of them have an interest in this project.

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