February 2020 Survey

On Line Consultation Survey Feb 2020

What is the Survey About?

Helping to Shape Our Neighbourhood.

As you may already be aware, a small group of Parish Councillors and residents have been busily gathering information to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Norton-juxta-Kempsey that will help the local community have more say in what development happens in the Parish over the next 10 years.

You may remember a residents questionnaire landing on your doorstep in April 2018, thank you to those of you that filled it in, it has been really informative. Similarly we also conducted a business questionnaire. Both groups were asked about a range of topics including housing, employment, footpath and cycle connections, community facilities and the greatest concerns for living and working in the parish. It has enabled us to identify some of the key things that matter to local residents and employers and has formed the basis of our research.

Key themes included the importance of maintaining the separate identity of each of the settlements in the Parish and the need to ensure that the community has the right services, facilities and infrastructure to cope with any growth within or adjacent to the Parish.

Before we share a completed draft with you we want to check that we are representing your views and to seek your feedback on two key elements of the Plan. Firstly, the overarching vision for how the Parish should look by 2030 (the end of the plan period) along with a number of objectives to help achieve that vision, and secondly which are our important green spaces to protect.

Why are Green Spaces important?

Many of you raised the importance of green spaces in the Parish, expressing concern that some of this may be lost to future development. It was also clear that many of you used green spaces for recreation and that they are important habitats for wildlife.

A Neighbourhood Plan can designate areas of Local Green Space for protection from development to ensure that their open character is retained for the Plan period.

Based on the responses to the questionnaire the Neighbourhood Plan group decided to undertake an assessment of 20 sites against the criteria for designating them as Local Green Spaces. From the results of those individual site assessments the group have identified 15 sites that they believe meet the criteria to designate them as Local Green Space.

If you would like to know more about the process we have gone through or read the green space assessments please see our Green Space Background Paper.

Background Paper Green Space Feb 2020

Our Survey

We would really like to hear everyone’s opinions on the work we have done so far and to check that we are on the right track. The more people we hear from the more likely it is to reflect local opinion.

Many thanks to all of you who visited our live events at the Parish Hall or St Peters Garden Centre on the 21st & 22nd Feb.

For those that weren’t able to fill in the survey on the day or were unable to atttend here is a link to the online version.

This is your Neighbourhood Plan so please let us know your thoughts and aspirations for the area.

On Line Consultation Survey Feb 2020

If you prefer you can also find here a pdf version which you can either print-off, fill in, scan and return by email to njkneigbourhoodplanninggroup@gmail.com or by post to Jane Greenway, NJK Parish Clerk, 18 Corunna Close, Norton, Worcester, WR5 2PW

PDF of Consultation Event Survey Feb 2020

You can also find here the Green Space map including the map references shown in the survey.

GreenSpace Map

What happens next?

Assuming there is support for the Vision and Objectives we have suggested, we will continue to research and refine our draft policies to meet them, or alter them if necessary to meet the community’s wishes. 

If there is support  for our proposed Local Green Space designations we will include them in a draft policy. Where new suggestions have been made we will look to fully assess these sites and where it can be demonstrated that they meet the criteria we will refine our list of sites. 

Once we have completed this work we will finalise our draft Plan.  We will then carry out another public consultation and will be keen to hear your views. Please do keep a look out in the Norton-Juxta-Kempsey Parish Newsletter and visit our website for updates and to keep in touch with our progress.

We hope to share our draft Plan with you in a couple of months.

Thank you for taking the time to respond today.

2 thoughts on “February 2020 Survey”

  1. My main concerns are a) the lack of a more regular bus service into town and to the railway station. Why can’t they extend the 32 bus route to the station. What’s happening to the money that government are putting in to improving transport infrastructure, I ask?
    b) No footpaths to get to station. All geared up for cyclists but, sorry, I’m not going to get myself a bike at 72 !! Apparently it will cost £15 to get a taxi from the barracks to the station.
    c) no post office. Both Bath Road and Kempsey are dangerous for parking. If community PO provided at Norton Village Hall how can people get to it?
    We are gradually being cut off as a village community.

    • Thank you for your comment Carolyn. Your feedback is very important for us.

      a. The Parish Council agrees regarding the lack of public transport into Worcester and Parkway Station, and continues to lobby for more. It is also exploring the possibility of a Community mini-bus.
      b. Again the Parish Council agrees and it continues to press Worcestershire County Council to deliver the promised Active Travel Corridor between the footbridge over the A4440 and Worcestershire Parkway Station such that it is safe for both cyclists and pedestrians.
      c. It is envisaged that the Community mini-bus, if realised, would provide a service between Brockhill and the Parish Hall, though at present both mini-bus and post office remain aspirations.


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