Norton Worcestershire Regiment Group


What we have done so far and future plans

Norton Barracks were built as a home for the Worcestershire Regiment in 1881 where they remained until 1962. In 1970 it was occupied by 14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare) until they disbanded in 1977 and the site was decommissioned. In 1987 it was sold to property developers and all that remains today is the distinctive keep which was converted into apartments with the majority of the remaining site developed as a housing estate, now known as Brockhill Village.

The site remains the home of the Worcester Norton Shooting Club and the old Sergeants Mess is used as a club house for Worcester Cricket Club.

The local authority was keen to keep a connection with the Worcestershire Regiment so when the Brockhill Village estate was built all roads were named after some of their battle honours of the Regiment.

Up until recently the only reference to the history of the Barracks and the role in being the home for the Worcestershire Regiment was a small plaque on the side of the ‘keep’, which has limited visibility.

To address this significant issue the Norton Worcestershire Regiment Group was formed by local residents to drive an exciting programme of work to enable a greater education of the history of the Barracks and provide a lasting legacy for the people of the community of the contribution and impact of the Worcestershire Regiment has made not only during their battles but on the local community.



Road signs at Norton remembering that it was the Home of the Worcestershire Regiment 1881 – 1962


Activity in first years comprised:

  • The installation of five external interpretation boards in prominent locations around the village. These are themed and incorporate details of; the Soldiers, The barracks, The Victoria Cross recipients, a Commemorative Garden and details of the Worcestershire regiments Battles. This is complemented by the production of QR codes on each of the street signs which will direct to this community website.
  • An annual shooting competition between the Mercian Regiment and Norton Shooting Club.
  • Welcome to Norton Roadside Signage @ the 3 entrances to Norton.
  • The creation of a Commemorative Garden within St. Peters Garden Centre.
  • The creation of a village trail leaflet which highlights historical points of military interest in the village.
  • Information sharing through the local Parish Magazine quarterly item on the fallen soldiers displayed on the Church Lane memorial (both WW1 & WW2)

The information boards positioned around Norton village.

The Battles
The Commemorative Garden
The Victoria Cross
The Soldier
The Barracks


Lest We Forget by Dennis Hodgkiss

Stories of soldiers who fought in World War 2.

The book is made up of various interesting personal life stories from 6 men who each fought in World War 2. Their connection is that they trained at Norton Barracks, Worcestershire and went on to join the Worcestershire Regiment.

Each story takes the reader through the lives of these men, from their childhood and school experiences, to their first employment opportunities, from the horrors of going to war in foreign countries, to their reunion with their families. This book interprets the lives of these men as they relive their experiences and lucky escapes during the years that they fought across Europe.

Each veteran tells their story and how their incredible journey played out before they came home to a changed England and their family. Each is totally individual and totally unique.

To get a copy contact:

Dennis Hodgkiss, 6 Gazala Drive, Brockhill Village Worcester WR5 2SF or email


What’s next?

To compliment the projects already achieved plans are underway to:

Installation of a large statue which depicts a soldier of the Worcestershire Regiment.

A Regimental march from Norton Barracks to the local Church for a service. 

How to contact or join the group – please call Dennis Hodgkins 01905 769900