Parish Councillor Responsibilities

Councillor Responsibilities (May 2020)

Parish Council Chairman: Cllr. Fincher

Parish Council Vice-Chairman: Cllr. Richmond

Allotments: Lead Councillor: Cllr. Richmond

Bus Services: Lead Councillor: Cllr. Waizeneker

EnviroSort Community Liaison Group: Cllr. Lucas, Cllr. Pollard

Finance, Staffing and General Purposes:
All Parish Councillors
Responsible Finance Officer (Mrs. J. Greenway)

Flooding and Drainage Matters: Cllr. Arrow

GDPR Matters Leads: Cllr. Pollard, Clerk (Mrs J. Greenway)

Land Ownership/Lease Matters:
 Lead Councillor: Cllr. Lucas

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:
Cllr. Arrow, Cllr. Pollard, Cllr Waizeneker, Cllr. Lucas

PACT (Police & Crime Together) Representative: Cllr. Job

Parish Hall Representative: 
 Cllr. Fincher (Parish Council Chairman & Chair of the Parish Hall Trustees)

Parish Hall Project Working Group:
Cllr.Dawson, Cllr. Pollard, Cllr.Waizeneker, Cllr. Fincher

Planning Matters:
Lead Councillor: Cllr. Richmond, Cllr. Fincher, Cllr. Pollard

Playing Fields/Recreation Areas:
Lead Councillor: Cllr. Dawson, Cllr. Richmond

Public Rights of Way:
WCC Parish Paths Warden

Social Media and Website:
Lead Councillor: Cllr. Pollard

South Worcestershire Development Plan/Infrastructure Matters:
Cllr. Fincher, Mr Turvey

Superfast Broadband Matters:
Lead Councillor: Cllr. Waizeneker