Survey – Brockhill Lane & Crookbarrow Way footbridge lighting

The Parish Council has received several comments from residents regarding the lack of lighting along Brockhill Lane and across the Crookbarrow Way footbridge to St Peters. It is felt by some people that this route is too dark for safe use at night. We as a Parish Council are also conscious of the problem of light pollution and in this case particularly for the residents of Brockhill Lane.

We are seeking to understand how and when the route is used and your views on the provision of low level “way-finder type” lighting along all or part of the route.

Please complete our survey on the subject by following the link below. It will close on the 15th January 2022. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and will greatly help to gauge local residents’ opinions.

Thank you.

Survey link: Brockhill Lane Lighting Survey

2 thoughts on “Survey – Brockhill Lane & Crookbarrow Way footbridge lighting”

  1. Why hasn’t this been communicated directly to residents of Brockhill Lane via a letter?
    Any change would affect residents more than recreational users. You cannot rely on a poorly advertised internet survey to capture views of people who are impacted on a daily basis.

    • Hello Jack,
      Thank you for your comment. Communication is often a difficult issue for the Parish Council. It would of course have been preferable to send out letters and collect replies but there are practical logistical issues that prevent that. We do not have a budget for commercial printing and distribution nor do we have a list of addresses. We also find it extremely difficult to get volunteers to hand deliver any of our publications, hence our reliance on our website and Facebook pages in addition to the public information sessions held at every Parish Council meeting. Street and infrastructure lighting is the responsibility of Worcestershire County Council and at our last PC meeting following correspondence from some local residents we discussed whether we should once again raise this issue with WCC. Alternate views were expressed from both safety and light pollution aspects and we decided that we would try to get some definitive local opinion. There is no guarantee that any attempt to get WCC to change their minds and install lighting in this location will be successful however you can guarantee the the Parish Council will continue to press for the interests of all our residents including those who live on Brockhill Lane. Following your comment here I will raise this on your behalf to see what is possible before any futher action is taken. Perhaps if you are a resident you could encourage your neighbours to express their views via the online survey?


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