The Sentry

The final project of the  Worcestershire Regiment Project Group is to place a permanent and lasting memorial of a life size statue of a soldier of the Worcestershire Regiment to remind those who live in the area and anyone pass through that once an infantry regiment lived here. 

The ‘Sentry’ will be located on the grass verge by the bus stop and St Helena Court. 

The sculpture is currently being created by renown artist John McKenna and is based upon an existing statue of ‘an ordinary soldier of the Worcester Regiment’ by Charles Sergeant Jagger  who served as a Lieutenant in the Worcestershires. Jagger served in Gallipoli and on the Western Front, and was wounded three times. He was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. The Sentry is based on a ‘Maquette’ made by Jagger which is currently held in the Worcester Museum in Worcester City.   

Charles Sargeant Jagger (1885-1934)
Was a British sculptor who, following active service in the First World War, sculpted many works. He is best known for his Royal Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner and the Great Western Railway War Memorial in Paddington Railway Station, and many others around the world.

John McKenna at work creating The Sentry detailing the process and progress so far.

Creation of small scale replica model of Jaggers original maquette
Creating full size armature frame
Frame created with precision from replica maquette

Full size armature created from replica model

The Sentry – August 2021

The video links below do NOT start automatically – please open the link to download and press play to view.

May 2021 –  Update of the creation of the statue

Video clip – Making The Sentry to scale from original Maquette

Video clip – Working in clay

Video clip – Showing precision creation of Sentry from replica model

Video clip – Throwing the clay

Video clip – Adding clay to frame to scale from model

Video clip – Stage 1 Hand moulding

Video clip – Stage 2 Hand moulding

Video clip – Stage 3 Final Hand in clay

In June 2018 a planning application was approved by Wychavon District Council  and

Our statue has been kindly funded and supported by a number of organisations:

  • Norton Community Trust:
  • Severn Waste.
  • Worcestershire County Council
  • Wychavon District Council
  • SMH Fleet solutions
  • Norton-Juxta-Kempsey Parish Council.
  • The Memorials Grant Scheme
  • Buckinghams and Griffiths Contractors
  • and many others.

Dates for installation and the planned unveiling have yet to be set, but further information will be detailed on this website and on Parish Noticeboards in due course.